De Tand des Tijds

De Tand des Tijds is an animated feature film about three kids, Sam, Zuko and Jill, who travel through time to find their history teacher, Sam's father, Menno.

My role in the production of this film had two sides. When I did an internship at Ka-Ching Cartoons I was tasked with researching the features of several historical figures and translating them into characters that fit the style of the studio. In the gallery below you will find several concepts and sketches from my time as an intern.

During the production of the film I was asked to help as an Editing Assistant. My task was to export each layer from the animation kits in most of the scenes, so they could be rendered out with a special filter. Besides exporting scenes I was also tasked with fixing all and any mistakes in the animation of the scenes and any upcoming compatibility issues for the editing program (Adobe Flash CS6 and Animate).

The film can be viewed on NPO Start (Link in image)