Teek-Out! Is a short animation about the dangers of a little bug, the tic. The animation features a small family made up of three bears. The little bear, Beertje, is out for a small picnic with his mom and dad on a warm summer day. All is well as the progress to their destination, but unknowingly, a little tic has spotted the family and is looking to get a bite out of one of the bears. The animation follows the events as they progress and it shows the effects of what a tic bite does.

Stichting Kind en Handicap (then called Stinafo) approached me to make this short animation in regards to their new campaign by the name "Teek-Out!". The campaign had to appeal to children, so they wanted an easy to understand, clear animation. I was asked to create everything from scratch and came up with all the designs and backgrounds.

The animation was used to promote their campaign and the use of a special tic-removal tool. The animation is still featured on their website. Later I was asked to create some illustrations and colouring pages for kids.

(Click the preview image to view the video)