Urbanus: de Vuilnisheld/Urbanus: Cash for Trash

This animated feature film is made by Ka-Ching Cartoons and produced by Eyeworks Television and Drama & Bosbros. The film features celebrity and comic book character, Urbanus. In the film, he and the other residents of his hometown get caught up in a scam by an old nemesis. Their entire town gets filled with trash and used as a garbage dump. The film was shown in theaters in 2019.

As an Editing Assistant at Ka-Ching Cartoons I was tasked with setting up the scenes based on storyboard images. Setting up the scenes meant I was handed over several animation kits for the characters and backgrounds for different scenes. I had to load in backgrounds, add character animation kits to the scene, set them up to face the right way and make sure they were the right size.

Urbanus: de Vuilnisheld/Urbanus: Cash for Trash can be seen on Pathé Thuis.