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Who is this guy?

Here's a short (Dutch) video about who I am and what I can do! (note: This video is outdated, but animated nonetheless!)


I was born in 1996 and have been drawing since I was very young. It wasn't until i was thirteen that I started taking drawing more seriously.

in 2014 I enrolled in the Animation course at the 'Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam'. I graduated with flying colours and have been working as a freelancer since July 2018. So far I have had the opportunity to work on some smaller animations and assist in the making of a feature film.


Animation wise I have always been interested in the 2D side of animation. I firmly believed that frame by frame animation was the way to go, but during my time at GLR I learned that programs like After Effects have some amazing capabilities.

While my strength lies in frame by frame animation, I am more than capable of creating motion graphics and other stylised animations.


Besides animating, I also Illustrate. I have been doing illustration work on commission for 5 years, of which 2 professionally. I am often asked to draw in my personal style, as it is preferred by my costumers.

My drawing skills are not limited to one style or program and I can easily adapt myself. Thanks to my advantage in illustrating, I am also pretty good at storyboarding.

Programs and skills

My skills can't be expressed without using certain programs and tools. Here are the programs I'm familiar with and can use to make some fairly substantial media in.


Photo-editing, illustrating and animating.

Photoshop is not my preferred method for  drawing, but I am able to draw in it.


Illustrating and Graphic Design.

I use illustrator for making assets for animations and to make stylised media, such as flyers, posters and business cards.


Animating and illustrating.

I am can work in Animate as well as Flash. I can work with character kits and am able to set up scenes for other animators.

After Effects


I am able to fully animate videos, often with assets from Illustrator, and can use features such as Puppet Pin and the Rubberhose plugin.

Premiere Pro

Video editing.

I can edit video footage and add music to videos. I am also able to use the ChromaKey option to remove green screens.


Animating and storyboarding

I learned how to animate frame by frame animations and can export them to be used in different  programs for editing.


Making pictures come alive! Quite literally.

Animation is not limited to one style for me. I can easily adapt to other styles and have worked in teams before. As a standalone animator I animate mostly in 2D frame by frame animations, but I am also able to make more stylised animations.


From colouring pages to shaded masterpieces.

I am able to create easy to understand drawings for all kinds of media. I have made illustrations, colouring pages, banners, badges, stickers, character sheets and so much more. Character design is a skill I am most well known for.

Graphic Design

Stylish. Appealing. Original.

Combined with my skills in illustrating, I have been ableto create a lot of stylised imagery. While this isn't my strongest asset, I am still able to statisfy my costumers' wishes.


Not a job, but a great skill to have.

One of the stronger skills I have is my ability to be adaptive. I have been hired for several other jobs besides being hired as an animator/illustrator. I have done tasks like photo-editing, modeling, teaching workshops and representing as a character animation expert.

These are just a few skills I've mastered. I'm able to learn things on the spot and also know my way around programs such as C4D. Take a look at my work to find out more about what I can do!