Hero Swap

As part of my internship at KLOMP! Animations, I was allowed to help with lining and colouring the scenes for a couple of Hero Swap episodes. Hero Swap is a series of animations made bij KLOMP! Animations in collaboration with 'How It Should Have Ended'. In these animations, the protagonist of a movie is switched with that of another, resulting in weird, but often hilarious results.

During my internship I worked on scenes from 'Home Alone starring E.T.', where E.T. takes the place of Kevin in the movie Home Alone, and 'The Matrix starring Forrest Gump', where Forrest Gump is switched out for Neo. During both productions I was tasked with making sure the line weight and colours were consistent throughout the entire scene. While working on the E.T. video I was even allowed to animate one of the scenes from scratch (see image on the left). While the scene came out fine, I took too long to continue doing the animation for scenes and was set to keep working on clean-ups. The E.T. video was watched roughly 2,5 million times and the Forrest Grump video about 4,4 million.

While at the time Hero Swap was made by KLOMP! Animations, a few years after this series ended the studio broke up in two and Hero Swap is now officially listed under the name of Imajunation.

The Hero Swap series can be watched on youtube.