This showreel is a compilation of work from clients and personal projects. I'm able to create Animations, Storyboards, Illustrations and more.

de Tand des Tijds

Ka-Ching Cartoons 2019

De Tand des Tijds is a feature film made by Ka-Ching Cartoons and produced by The Film Kitchen BV. In the film, a young boy and his friends get mixed up in a time travel adventure. I worked as an Editing assistant on this film.

Urbanus de Vuilnisheld

Ka-Ching Cartoons 2019

Urbanus de vuilnisheld is a feature film based on the Urbanus comics. Ka-Ching Cartoons was part of the team that worked on animating the film. As Editing Assistant I was tasked with setting up the scenes with the right characters and making sure the right background and animation kits were in the scene. 


Colin Wierenga 2018

Teek-Out is a project I worked on for Fonds Kind en Handicap (Stinafo). The project focuses on the Teek (tic), a small bug that shows up during the summer. To inform young children about the dangers of this bug I was asked to animate a short, informative animation about what tics do and how you can get rid of them.

Hero Swap

Imajunation/KLOMP! Animation

Hero Swap is a series made by KLOMP Animation. The series focus on mixing the protagonist of one movie with the plot of another. For example; the Terminator in Pinnochio or E.T. in Home Alone. During my internship I was asked to help with the animation.